Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time To Start Thinking About "ME"

I've been so discouraged. I weighed in again yesterday, gain another 1/2 pound. What is going on? Maybe I'm not serious enough? My mom has already lost 5 pounds from the 6 week challenge. She's so pumped and determine to win. I start to get pumped, but then things happen at home that get me into depression and "don't care" attitude. I want to loose weight, I just need not really start thinking about "ME". That's what will help me, motivation wise that is.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Up In Weight

Yesterday, I weighed in at Curves for my 6 week challenge...I was so bummed. I gained a 1/2 a pound. I've been eating what I'm suppose to. I admit, I had some pudding last week and a couple chocolate chip cookies. So this week I'm sticking to it! Plus I haven't been drinking my water. So before each meal I'm drinking a tall glass of water. Let's see what happens.

Friday, October 10, 2008

To Believe Or Not To Believe?

Today I went to Curves for my workout and my measurement for the 6 Week Challenge. Well it's been 3 weeks since I signed up and when the lady measured and wieghed me, I was still 2 pounds down, but she said that I already lost 8 inches. I don't know about that. When I first signed up, the head lady there, Barb, told me that all the ladies there measure differently. Since Barb is the one that weighed & measured me the first time I should go by her measurements. I do believe I've lost some inches, but not 8. We'll see what happens next week.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finding Inspiration

I've been sitting here by the computer reading such inspirational stories on weight-loss. I too hope to be an inspiration someday. My Aunt's sister is an inspiration to me, she was about 220 pounds, well she's lost 85 pounds and she looks GREAT! When you see people that you know lose weight, you become more inspired.

When I weighed 140, I still had a belly, but it was nice to fit in a size 9 pants. I got compliments all the time of how great I looked. Of course I quit smoking and gained 40 pounds within 3 months. I was so upset with myself, I still am actually. How could I have let myself go like that. I fed my cravings instead of going for a walk, or eat healthy foods instead of chocolate and junk food. I fell off the wagon, then got pregnant, had a baby, a year in a half later got pregnant again, had a baby, 3 months later got pregnant again, had a baby on Valentines Day of this year. My body just had no chance. I finally feel, I can do this. No more babies, so now it's time to concentrate on me, make me healthy so I can see my boys grow up.

First Weigh In

2 weeks ago I weighed in at 200 pounds and wearing a size 18. I haven't seen 200 since I was pregnant! Ahhhhh! I felt so helpless. I joined LA Weightloss in March but didn't really do much. So I started new again, plus I joined Curves for workouts. So far so good. Last week I weighed in at 198, so 2 pounds down. I hope I'm able to continue the progress! Here is a before pic of me at 200 pounds.

The picture in my "About Me" is actually a picture of me at my smallest and would like to be that again. I weighed 140 pounds and a size 9. So it can be done, it's just another journey that I have to take, again.
Here is a close up of that picture...My Goal!